Shop Small and Choose to Reuse! :) 

Hello! I’m Jessica and I run Sew sustainable UK! I started sewing when I was 12 after saving up my birthday money to buy myself a sewing machine. in 2019, When I was 14 I decided to take this hobby further by starting a business doing something that I loved all the while sharing my passion of making reusable swaps to help our wonderful planet. For ages I was worried about how well it would be received, me being so young, and I didn't want it to change anything so I kept quiet about 'the person behind Sew Sustainable UK'. However, last summer I took the plunge and shared who I am and why I'm doing what I'm doing (you can check that out in my Instagram highlights). My wonderful followers and customers were so supportive and kind and I really am so grateful for that! I am now 16 and my little business is thriving more than ever, Thank you so much for the continued support!
 I hope you enjoy taking a look around my website and find some lovely eco goodies. I am really passionate about helping others to make positive sustainable switches and that is why I set up this business! I absolutely love to sew, sew (🙈) I thought I would put my hobby to good use.
As well as my own wide range of reusables I also have lots of other eco living essentials and gifts available. I try to stock fellow handmade and British brands where I can and every product I sell has been tried and tested! 

I offer plastic free gifts as I was fed up with the struggle of trying to find nice gifts that just didn’t have plastic. I wasn’t after products for eco living to gift (although they do make great gifts). That’s why I decided I would add some lovely gifts that you could give to anyone... regardless of whether they were trying to reduce their own waste or not.

Make sure to check out my Instagram (@sewsustainableuk) for updates and more product information. As well as a collection of informational and chatty live videos covering a range of topics surrounding sustainable living and reusables.

I also offer advice on my products and other reusables. Want to try cloth pads? Struggling with your cloth nappies? Please do get in touch via the contact form and I will try my best to help you out!

Are you a physical or online shop with Earth conscious credentials? I offer wholesale on a wide range of my handmade reusables. Please just fill in the contact form on the contact page.

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